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Now updated with the new 2014 Aid and Attendance benefit rates!

Did you know that the Aid and Attendance is a Financial Assistance Benefit And You:

checkmarkDid Not Have To suffer an injury or wound during your military service.

checkmarkDid Not Have To serve overseas or have actually experienced combat.

checkmarkDid Not Have To have the veteran die in service for the surviving spouse to be eligible..

Let me guess, the VA told you unless the veteran was wounded or killed in action there is no benefit available?

Well, let us tell you...

The VA isn't telling you everything you need to know.

As seen on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams - February 23, 2007

Veterans Care Advisors has written the Aid and Attendance Handbook that has helped thousands of elderly senior citizens who are war-time veterans, just like you, get the money you need and deserve from the VA.

You Too can easily learn the real secrets of how to get the VA to say YES and start sending You Extra Money each and every month!

checkmarkIt is time to stop being told there is nothing the VA can do to help you.

checkmarkIt is time to stop living a lessor quality of life than you should be living.

checkmarkIt is time - right now - for the VA to start helping you live the quality of life you deserve.

Find Out How Much You Can Get From The VA!

Now updated with the new 2014 Aid and Attendance benefit rates!



The VA has a multi-step calculation to determine the actual amount they will pay you each month.

We have created a quick and easy worksheet for you to find out if you may be eligible and How Much You Can Receive.

The VA's calculation is based on certain factors such as your dates of active service, level of liquid assets, income and amounts of qualifying medical or care expenses you may be paying.

The Aid & Attendance disability pension benefit is one of the VA's best kept secrets.

It is a non-service connected disability pension benefit that provides financial assistance and is paid monthly to qualifying war-time veterans or their widowed surviving spouses.

Secret #1 - Confusion with how the VA defines and differentiates their "compensation" and "pension" benefit.

When you call the VA you often ask for what money or "compensation" is available, usually because of medical or care needs. The VA automatically refers to service-related injuries, disabilities or death compensation.

If the veteran was not wounded, suffering from disabilities due to service or died will on duty; there is no "compensation" benefit available.

However, what they do not tell you is that you should've asked for financial assistance information for veterans or their surviving spouses who served during war-time.

A financial benefit for war-time veterans who have a non-service connected disability (such as from advancing age) is how the VA defines a "pension" benefit.

Join the Thousands of Veterans and Widowed Surviving Spouses
we have helped over the past 10 years break the VA's secret code

Inside the Aid & Attendance Handbook
(Focused on veterans and widowed spouses over age 65)

1) Learn how to reduce your claim processing time...

The average processing time for disability pension benefits is 12-18 months.  Follow our processes and tips and you can reduce that time to 3-10 months, depending on where you live.

2) Discover what documentation is needed and where to quicky find it...

Time after time we discover that veterans were never told exactly what items they need to attach to their claim for approval. And, in what format the VA likes to see the documentation. The Handbook gives you real examples of the documents you need - and tells you where to find and get them.

3) Know in advance what to expect and how to properly respond to confusing VA letters...

The VA will send you at least 3 different letters during the claim processing.  The letters are very long, packed with confusing information and disclosures. Many have found these letters to be extremely difficult to easily understand!  In some cases, you have just 60 days to properly respond to keep your claim on track!

The Aid and Attendance Handbook was not created, edited or approved by the VA.
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The Handbook has helped people just like you get up to $25,020 dollars a year - It Will Also Help You!

Just imagine what an extra $600, $1,000 or even $2,085 dollars each and ever month will do for you.

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Here is just a sample of what the Aid & Attendance Handbook helps you with....

checkmarkDirect, informative information you need to understand how to properly complete your claim application.

checkmarkValuable Tip after Tip on how to avoid common pitfalls and obstacles.

checkmarkOne amazingly simple, no-brainer way to document the medical need for assistance.

checkmark3 things you should never do during the processing of your claim application!

checkmarkThe super-simple 6 tips to help you improve the approval process.

checkmarkSimple no-nonsense steps you can take before starting that will save you valuable time.

checkmarkClear and easy to follow worksheets and checklists to make the process simple.

checkmarkSamples of a properly completed application for veteran and surviving spouse claims.

checkmarkA complete reference section with examples of actual VA letters you will receive during processing.

checkmarkPlus tons of more resources to help you.

The Aid and Attendance Handbook by Veterans Care Advisors has no page-filling fluff you have to sort through. Just the facts you need to know with step-by-step tips and instructions to guide you on what you need to do (along with what you should never do) when developing your claim are revealed and discussed.

Easy to follow instructions let you quickly document your claim properly. Tips on common shortfalls and errors are included throughout the Handbook to ensure your application for the VA non-service connected disability pension benefit with aid and attendance entitlement is completed and ready to be quickly approved by the VA.

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 Greg Cook
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P.S. The Aid and Attendance Handbook includes completed examples of all the required forms for you to reference when completing your forms to help you get up to $25,020 each and every year!

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Aid and Attendance Benefit Testimonials
Army and Air Force

"Simple and to the point, the handbook was right on the mark.

After years of frustration and repeated denials from the VA our social worker recommended your handbook.

I followed the tips and best practices in the book and was able to get my mom approved (because she was eligible and qualified) plus her 3 years of her back VA benefits! (because her claim was previously filed and within the appeal timeline) Thank you, thank you, thank you."
David G. - Ohio

honor our veterans
VA Aid and Attendance
WWII - Korea - Vietnam

"Excellent product. I'm a VA Certified Attorney (and) was hoping to find just one tip to make the purchase worthwhile and have already found several."
Rick, Esq. - Illinois

honor our veterans
brendalees dad
Coast Guard and
Merchant Marines

I called the VA and spoke to 4 different people and no one could tell me anything about the pension program.

The last person I spoke to said she would have someone call me.

That was 8 months ago. I since got your Handbook and got my dad approved (because he was qualified and eligible) for the pension that the VA people I talked to knew nothing about!

...Thank you for making the entire process so easy ( understand)."
Brendalee V. - Rhode Island

Get The VA Benefits You
Earned and Deserve!
american veterans
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More Testimonials

veterans disability benefits
Duty and Honor

"...thank you for making this whole process easier. ( understand)

I was so confused with the forms and different instructions I was getting.

Your best practices really helped me know what I needed to do."
Michael L. - California

honor our veterans

"After a long slow process of paperwork and frustration with no results on our own, we got the handbook and learned what we were doing wrong.

With using just one tip we finally got mom approved! (because she was qualified and eligible)
You came to our rescue and now mom can stay in her home."
Katherine V. - Ohio

honor our veterans
veterans benefits testimonials
Navy and Marines

"I never would have been able to know where or how to begin the process.

With your Handbook I was able to easily understand and complete the application."
Alva S. - Texas



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Air Force


coast guard
Coast Guard

merchant marines
Merchant Marines

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