Assisted Living Retirement Homes

assisted living retirement home

Are you looking for assisted living retirement homes for your aging parents?

Many veterans and their surviving spouse who served during a time of war don’t realize that financial assistance from the VA is available to help them pay for assisted living retirement homes.

VA benefit for assisted living can provide a married couple up to $1949 per month in benefits.  That certainly will make a huge difference in the affordability of these specialized housing units.

You have to be careful however if a family home is to be sold.  The sale may push the liquid asset eligibility criteria.  Simple planning can easily avoid this problem.  There is no official dollar amount for liquid assets, but our experience has shown you want to keep it below $80,000.  You can gift, transfer or use other simple techniques to move the liquid assets below this threshold.

Assisted living retirement homes are now more affordable and accessible for wartime veterans or their widowed surviving spouse with the aid and attendance benefit from the VA.

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