Form 21 526

VA Form 21 526 is the claim application for Veterans to apply for the VA compensation and/or pension disability benefits.  It is also the form used to get Aid and Attendance entitlement to your disability claim.

The two VA disability benefits that you can apply for are:

  1. Disability Compensation – This is a disability benefit for service-related wounds or injuries.
  2. Disability Pension – This is a VA disability benefit for disabilities incurred or that develop that are non-service connected.

There are four sections of the VA form 21-526.

Part “A” (General) is required to be completed in full by all applicants. It  requests the demographic information about the claimant in addition to military service dates, places and rank details.

Part “B” (Compensation) is ONLY REQUIRED if you are filing for a service-related disability or a PTSD claim. The information you provide in this section is extremely important to a determination of your request.

Part “C” (Dependency) is also required by all applicants. It request marriage information along with details of any dependents.

Part “D” (Pension) is required if you are filing a claim for a non-service connected disability or in addition to a compensation claim.  (You can receive the greater of either the compensation benefit or the disability pension).  It requests financial information and work history data.

Hot Tip – Do not leave any blank answer boxes on the Form 21 526.  If there is no answer or it does not apply simply strike through the box or write n/a for your answer.

One thought on “Form 21 526

  1. Robert

    Why don’t you tell people to fill out VA Form 10-1170. This is the application for furnishing long term care (A&A).

    This is a good question. The VA Form 10-1170 is an application for a nursing home facility to become part of the VA’s medical care system. It is not for a veteran or a surviving spouse to receive the Aid and Attendance pension benefit. They are two different things entirely.
    Veterans Care Advisors

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