VA Benefits For Assisted Living

Many people think that there is a VA benefit that will pay for their costs of Assisted Living. The correct answer to this question is yes and no.

Here is what we mean by that answer:

The VA has a benefit available for veterans or their un-remarried widowed surviving spouse that provides a pension benefit if certain conditions are met.

This benefit is called the Non-Service Connected Disability Pension Benefit with Aid and Attendance entitlement for the veteran. {See Aid and Attendance Handbook}

For a widowed surviving spouse it is called the Improved Death Pension Benefit with Aid and Attendance entitlement.

This veteran’s benefit will indeed provide a financial assistance pension up to a maximum of $1,949 per month.

VA Benefits For Assisted Living Explained
Now, here is the thing that most people get confused by with this benefit. The benefit will not pay your Assisted Living facility.  Hang on – here is the full explanation:

You most likely became qualified to receive this VA disability pension benefit because of the cost of the Assisted Living facility.

The VA takes the cost you are paying the facility and “adjusts” your income (Social Security, Retirement Pay, Interest, Dividends, etc).

The VA subtracts your cost of the facility from the income described above to arrive at an amount that they will count or consider when looking to determine if you qualify.

In simple terms this means that because you are using your own money to pay for the Assisted Living facility costs, the amount of income the VA will consider you have available is lower.

So, because you are paying for the Assisted Living out of your income the VA will only look at what you have left each month, if anything.

The amount you can receive is the difference between your income from all sources and the care facility costs you pay; up to a maximum amount.

So, if the cost of the Assisted Living facility is greater than the income you receive (and you meet the other qualifying criteria) you would be eligible to be paid the maximum benefit amount.

See the Aid and Attendance Handbook here.

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  1. William Welch

    I learned a lot from this website. I am a 92 year old WW II veteran widowed and living alone. I will soon be unable to care for myself and will need assisted living. I am living on my Social Security check only. I will need the VA assistance to help me afford to receive assisted living.

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