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VA benefits for Assisted Living facilities is one of the most overlooked veteran disability benefits available to wartime veterans and their surviving spouse.

VA Disability Criteria

Often there is incorrect information conveyed on how to apply for veterans benefits. The VA disability criteria is confusing and unfortunately not consistently disclosed. Many elderly veterans are forced to move out of their assisted living residence because of this mis-information.  

There has to be a better way to get our elderly veterans the benefits they deserve!

That better way is now available by contacting one of the many assisted living facilities participating in the Veterans Care Advisors Free Program or with the Veterans Care Advisors Exclusive Handbook.

Veterans Disability Benefits

Most veterans and their family are confused by the terminology used by the VA.  Most veterans are told unless they were injured in service there is no benefit available.  This is true for the veterans disability compensation.  

However, it is not true for the veterans disability pension.  The pension benefit has an easier va disability criteria for eligibility and more veterans get favorable VA disability ratings with the pension benefit.

VA Disability Claim

Now that you know there is a better way to get the information you need; and that you want to apply for the VA disability pension and not the Veterans disability compensation, you now need to know how to go about filing your VA disability claim.

Apply For Veterans Benefits

First you will need the VA form 21-526 part A,B,C and D plus the VA form 21-8416 to just begin the application process. Next you will need to gather your original or certified copies of your military records. You will also need to talk to your doctor and gather acceptable documents on your qualified expenses.  Did you know that the VA will not accept bills or receipts as acceptable proof of documentation?  

The Veterans Care Advisors VA disability benefits Handbook provides you great tips and best practices to apply for veterans benefits. The handbook provides all the forms and insight on how to easily and quickly put the proper (and acceptable) documentation together for your claim.  Save yourself time, headaches and frustration.

Now for the first of many twists...

If you are a surviving spouse of a deceased veteran you can also qualify for the disability pension.  However, it is classified under VA death benefits and called the Death Pension.
See If You Qualify For The Veterans Disability Pension With Aid and Attendance Entitlement

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