VA Form 21-0845 For The VA Aid and Attendance Benefit

VA Form 21-0845 The VA from 21-0845 is a new form the Veterans Administration is using to help spouses and family members communicate with the VA while the veterans aid and attendance claim application is being processed.

This is Important! ==> You MUST ATTACH the VA Form 21-0845 WITH the original aid and attendance application claim form.

If you want to be able to have your adult child, spouse or even your attorney or friend to oversee the claim application process then the VA form 21-0845 must be completed and attached to your application packet when you submit it to the VA.

The new VA form 21-0845 is the vehicle that grants permission to the person you list on the form to speak directly with the VA on your behalf, or on the behalf of the aid and attendance claim.

The VA Form 21-0845 Promise

The VA claims that the VA form 21-0845 will be scanned by the individual VA aid and attendance processing centers so no matter what VA office you contact the authorization will be readily accessible. This is suppose to be an actual improvement to the complicated communication process previously experienced by claimant and their family.

Actual experiences so far have shown this promise of efficiency to not be a consistent reality.

It is recommended that claimants and familys keep a copy of the VA form 21-0845 on hand to be able to fax to the VA when you call and they tell you they don't have the form in their system or on file. Better yet, maybe have two (2) forms signed and keep an actual signed copy in your files and send the other actually signed VA form 21-0845 to the VA attached to the original aid and attendance claim application.

VA Form 21-0845 and Filling Online

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the new online application process for the VA aid and attendance benefit. The VA Form 21-0845 is suppose to go hand-in-hand with the introduction of the new online application.

Don't Do It!

The online application default is for the disability "compensation" benefit which is for service related disabilities. Your claim is for the non-service connected disability "pension" benefit.

Even with the VA Form 21-0845, you could lose a year or more by filling your aid and attendance claim through the VA's online system due to the incorrect processing default setting.

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